Professional makeup application is one of the things that makes what I offer unique. My girls always look flawless while maintaining their natural beauty. I've worked with Amie now for 4 summers and she continues to impress me with her ability to make a girl look her absolute best. Our girls never look too done up so don't you worry about looking like you're 25. (*sigh, those were the days). 

A Note From Amie

I'm a Professional Makeup Artist. Lover of Jesus, fashion, family, and well anything that sparkles! I am a wife and busy mamma of a large family and 11 chickens. That makes everyday exciting!  

I started in the makeup industry in 1998 and fell in love instantly. I have worked for many companies such as Chanel, Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Armani and most of all MAC.

My style tends to be more natural and feminine. I love being able to bring out someones best qualities through makeup and just the tricks I have learned over the years. My goal with every beautiful face I meet is that when they walk away from sitting in my chair they feel the best version of themselves, and maybe a little glamorous. 

-Amie Lapray


Just a few examples of Amie's Makeup talents.