Ashley approaches everything she does with passion and creativity. From a young age Ashley has been involved in the arts, taking numerous courses throughout high school, and continuing college courses in graphic design in early 2007. At the age of eight Ashley traveled to Europe with her family and was submerssed in the diverse cultures of Poland, Holland, and the Czech Republic for two years. Since then, she has spent a summer in China teaching English to high school students, and three consecutive summers in Kosovo working with local villagers doing relief work, providing medical aid, and forming life-long relationships.

She is a recent graduate of the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Western Massachusetts, where she pursued her certificate in business and photography. She is soon to reside in Portland Oregon where she will be freelance assisting and specializing in portrait and commercial work. Ashley hopes to eventually delve into photo documentary work in the United States and around the world to be a strong, bold, persistent voice for those who are longing to be heard.

"I have grown in a family that fosters art expression and the power it holds in our world, and this desire to express myself has found it’s home in photography. I see it as a means to tell a story, share an emotion, and bring two separate worlds together on common ground. Also fostered was a worldview that created an early awareness of the countless people in need of help and change. My dream is to combine my artistic ability with my compassion for others to document, publish, and raise awareness for people, social groups, and suffering nations."